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  • Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” - Matthew 14:31
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A woman of faith, virtue and chivalry only begins to describe Jamila Odom-Garnett. She embodies the essence of what it truly means to grow and walk with Christ. She uses her life story as a testimony to minister to others through song. Jamila grew up in the small but friendly town of Chesilhurst, New Jersey. Her love of music started at age 3 when she would travel down I-95 to the clay hills of Georgia with the family, singing and preaching like her Father. She began singing in church choirs and eventually directed Praise and Worship. Jamila's big break started in Jr. High School where she auditioned to sing the National Anthem. This opportunity led her to Talent America, and performing at the Garden State Arts Center. She went on to sing with The New Generation Performers under the direction of Sal Dupree and Dupree Performing Arts Studios. She has sung background and shared the stage with such artists as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Shirley Murdock, The Williams Brothers, Tony Terry, Glen Jones, Helen Baylor, Keith Williams, Howard Hewitt and Dorothy Norwood.

Jamilas love for the Gospel led her to First Baptist Church where she was called to work with the youth. In the year of 2000 she became the Director of the Youth Choir, Combined Choir, Praise & Worship Ministry, and Charm & Enhancement Ministry for Young Ladies. In 2001 she became licensed as a Missionary. Her passion to spread the word and her love for music led Jamila to form Jamila & Kompany in 2004. As the Lord began to give her songs the more she began to write the vision. In the midst of it all Jamila followed her second passion to become a licensed cosmetologist and successful salon owner. During this time she continued to follow her calling and served on the Missionary Board until April 2007. She was then licensed as a Minister and installed as the Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church of Chesilhurst, New Jersey. Later Jamila completed the necessary schooling to become an Ordained Reverend. In January 2012, Jamila was sworn into the Honorable Office of Council Woman for the Borough of Chesilhurst. While overseeing the Drug Alliance program, she works closely with the police department to make the streets safer.

After much hard work, dedication, and faith in March 2009 she released her first self-produced CD titled A New Beginning. She has already made a name for herself and a fan base that has truly been blessed by her anointed gift to uplift, encourage, and inspire. Jamila recently opened for Hezekiah Walker at the NAACP Extravaganza Concert, Honoring Pastors, Bishops and First Ladies of Churches throughout South Jersey There she debuted her new Single Faith!

This is only the beginning; Jamila will not stop her journey to help others strengthen their faith and relationship with God through her lyrical ministry of the word. There's not one person in this world that can convince me that God isn't real. I know the Lord to be a Deliverer, A Healer of my pain, a provider for my family, and a Miracle worker! He's just good! I know all of this is just for the building of his Kingdom! When I wanted to end it all God blocked it and said this Divine Disturbance is this: God's Plan, God's Presence, God's Power (Isaiah 40:31). I do what I do because God has ordained me to. God has placed a great anointing upon this woman of God. Her Ministry has touched many hearts. Spreading The Love of God throughout this whole world is her destiny and to stay in God's will.

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